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How To Clean Your PS2 Lens

How To Clean Your PS2 Lens

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You do not need clean out your Ps2 to play Ps1 games. The main reason as to why it may not be working is that the lens may be dirty. If cleaning it does not work.... That means there's probably an issue with the lens. I've cleaned the lenses of DVD players before and this is a top loader so it should be easy, but what is the best.... I have decided to clean my PS2 laser's lens after going through the various troubleshooting guides and threads. Seems like I have been having.... The answer MIGHT be simpler and more economical than you think. Try cleaning the laser lens. Unless you've cleaned out your PS2 in recent.... Using a clean cotton bud, dip it in the isopropanol and gently wipe the lens in one smooth sweeping and twisting movement. Inspect the lens again with the magnifier. It should appear completely clean.. Laser is Broken If your PS2 still doesn't work after cleaning the lens, it could be that the entire laser is broken and needs to be replaced. 320 kbps ~ Dan Wolak I.... Clean the transparent inner gripping ring top and bottom, in case the disk is slipping in the drive. Laser Lens. Use a microfiber cloth on a slim PS2. Use a CD/DVD.... Cleaning the lens of your Slim PlayStation 2 console doesn't take more than a few minutes. Open the lid to the PS2's disc tray. Spray the lens.... How to Clean a PlayStation 2 Lens. Have you ever had problems with your PlayStation 2 reading disks? By swabbing the lens, you may be.... if yes could you please provide the instructions on how to. I have a slimmie so I can see the lens from just oppening the top thing for the disc. Help plz?. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Wet and Dry Laser Lens Cleaning System; For use with Wii, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, DVD & CD Players...

The following guide shows you how to get the PS2 open, clean it out, make your adjustments, and put it back together without any hassles.. The unit is 8 years old so I would imagine some filth has built up on the disc reading laser lens inside of it. I decided to clean it out to fix this problem. Here's how.... How to Clean Playstation 2 Slim: This is how to clean ps2 slim. ... Clean Lenses. Rub the lenses with a dry cotton swab to remove dust. Tip Question Comment.... My told my friend about 2 weeks ago that my PS2 cant play the greatest hits ... If your PS2 has problems reading discs, clean the lens and drive.. If you have a Playstation 2 fat with a Disc Read Error, then this guide is for you. Your PS2 ... Clean the laser lens with topz and isopropanol.... I think the lens is dirty and the ps2 is dusty. Would a can of air work in getting the dust out and then getting microfiber cloth when it comes to.... I bought a lens cleaner yesterday but when I inserted into my ps2 and the ps2 tried to read it, it said there was an error and it was unable to read.... My ps2 is doing a terrible job of reading my swapmagic discs and 75% of the time when I load a game it either says "Not a valid PS2 disc" or the.... Buy Laser Lens Cleaner for Cd Dvd Cd-rom Pc Ps2 Ps3 X-box: Disc Cleaners ... Maxell 190059 DVD Only Lens Cleaner, with Equipment Set Up and...


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